Agalmic Ventures works with firms from major asset managers and banks to small fintech and trading startups.

We offer comprehensive consulting services including:


  • Development process review
  • Systems evaluation
  • Code review (including our proprietary static analysis)


  • Requirements gathering
  • Workflows
  • Mockups
  • Database schemas


  • Project management and coordination with in-house team
  • Code creation
  • On-going support

We keep timelines short and costs low by optimizing all aspects of the development process. Our proprietary code generation and analysis lets us work faster and leverage in-house developers effectively, while maintaining high quality standards. Our well-tested library of open source components and tools further accelerate development, allowing us to focus on your specific business needs.

High quality software does more than save money: it reduces risk and improves compliance. A TABB group survey of buy-side firms found that two thirds cope with technical problems in asset allocation, half have issues with pre-trade risk and compliance checks, and over half endure trading errors due to incorrect data. Reconciling these issues costs front and middle-office staff one hour per day, on average.

Don't let bad software hurt your business.

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